Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CVS - Week of 5/25

Dear CVS,
You are not impressing me with your ECB deals lately. Bring on some good stuff that I need to buy!

Deals for this week:

  • Buy Colgate Total @ $2.99 and get $2ECB (pair this with a $1 printable)
  • Buy Gain laundry detergent @ $5.00 and get $2 ECB
  • Buy 10 Power Bars @ $10 and get $5 ECB.
  • Buy any Nexcare Childrens Bandages and get $2 ECB. You can take this offer twice and get $4 ECB when you buy two packs of bandages. Here is a $1/2 printable.
  • Buy Right Guard Clinical or Dry Idea Complete roll on at $7.99 and get $4 ECB (pair this with a $2 printable)
  • Buy Vagistat 1 @ $12.99 and get $3 ECB
  • Buy $10 worth of Thermacare Heat Wraps and get $5 ECB (here is a $3 Thermacare printable) I would print 2 or more and take the coupons with you. I'm not sure on the prices of the Thermacre products.
  • Buy 2 Neutrogena Suncare products and get $10 ECB (rumor has it that there are coupons in the sun care pamphlet at CVS for $2 off) [I have also read on various blogs that there is a glitch that works in the shoppers favor. The glitch is to buy 2 of the 1oz Neutrogena SPF 55 sun lotions @ $1.99 each and earn $10ECB's.]
  • Buy Coppertone sun care and get $2 ECB. I know there are coupons out there but haven't found any online yet.
  • Buy 2 American Express gift cards and get $5ECB
So my only scenario this week is to buy two packages of Nexcare bandages, use my coupon, and get $4ECB's. I've got some ECB's to spend by the middle of June. But I'll probably just hold on to them until next week and see what kind of deals are out there. I might pick up some more Dry Idea deodorant but I haven't decided yet. I have a lot of deodorant at home.


  1. I agree! Ive been working on my cvsing. Nothing really caught my eye this week.

  2. Yeah, CVS needs to shape up. And they need to start emailing me some coupons. I haven't gotten any for a long while now.

    I like your new blog look!