Monday, July 13, 2009

CVS transaction from last week

Yes, I'm slacking. Sorry about that.

And I need some help with this receipt. Something isn't adding up to me.

Here is my CVS transaction from Friday, 7/10/09.

Dawn soap - $1 (regular price $1.99)
Dawn soap - $1 (regular price $1.99)
CVS pantyliner - $0.89
Head & Shoulders shampoo - $4.99 (regular price $5.49)
Head & Shoulders conditioner - $4.99 (regular price $5.49)
Schick Intuition 3ct refill - $10.49
Schick Intuition 3ct refill - FREE (regular price $10.49 - BOBOF)
Covergirl Trueblend foundation - $8.49*
Covergirl Trueblend powder - $9.49*
Covergirl Outlast lip color - $9.99*

Non-sale price: $64.80
Sale price: $38.36

*I swear these were supposed to be on sale for $5/each but they didn't ring up that way and I just noticed it.

-$0.20 Dawn coupon
-$0.20 Dawn coupon
-$1 Covergirl coupon
-$2 Covergirl coupon
-$5.49 Head & Shoulders BOGOF coupon
-$3 CVS $3 off $15 coupon (It was expired but apparently the local CVS doesn't care if you use expired CVS issued coupons!!!!!!!!)
-$3 ECB
-$4 ECB
-$4.98 ECB
-$5 ECB
-$10 ECB
= -35.87

So it should be 38.36 -35.87 = $2.49 OOP, right? Wrong. I paid $16.90 OOP. I don't get it. Now, I know that I am not the best at math but this just do not make sense to me. Please help me if you can.

Update: So my math skills are not my finest and I know that. Apparently, the sale price adds up to $51.33 and the coupons add up to $38.87 but the $3 expired coupon didn't come off of the final price. Total price is $15.46 plus tax and that puts me at the $16.90. Thanks for the help ladies!


  1. When I add up your sale price I get $51.33 not $38.36 (1+1+.89+4.99+4.99+10.49+8.49+9.49+9.99=$51.33)

    I also get that your total coupons should be $38.87 so apparently CVS does care about the expired coupon if they only gave you $35.87 off.

    $51.33-35.87= $15.46 add tax and that puts you right around the $16.90 that you paid.

  2. Shelley, it looks like you calculated the $38.36 with the CoverGirl being $5 each. I agree with Laura, too - there is a -$3 missing from the coupon side (but up until recently my CVS DID take expired cvs coupons, so it is possible that yours still does, you'd have to ask - mine posted a sign).


  3. Dang it, I wrote down the $51.33 too. I guess I never went back and changed it. Thanks girls!!!!!! My math skills totally suck.