Monday, July 6, 2009

CVS deals and ideas

For a pretty complete listing of the ECB deals this week check out Good Deal Gal and Perfectly Provident. I don't have a lot of time to compile all of them right now, so I'm posting the ones I like the best.

Buy $15 of Covergirl products and get $5 ECBs. Use $1 and $2 Covergirl coupons from the 7/5 and older P&G inserts. Final price varies based on products and coupons.

Intuition razor refills are BOGOF.

CVS 22 count pantyliner is $0.89 and earns $0.89 ECBs.

Dawn dish liquid is 2/$2 and earns $1 ECB. Use the $0.20 coupon from the 7/5 P&G insert. So if you have one coupon, the price is 2/$1.80 and earned $1 ECB.

Head & Shoulders is on sale for $4.99 and earned $2 ECBs (limit 3). Use the BOGOF coupon from the 7/5 P&G insert. Get 2 bottles for $4.99 and earn $4 ECBs.

Here is my game plan:

$15 worth of Covergirl products (I need foundation and powder)
1 Head & Shoulders shampoo $4.99
1 Head & Shoulders conditioner $4.99
CVS pantyliners $0.89
2 Dawn dish liquid $2
Sub- Total Estimate: $27.87+tax

- $1 Covergirl coupon from 7/5 PG (I've got to check my stash for more)
- $0.20 Dawn coupon from 7/5 PG
- $4.99 (BOGOF) Head & Shoulders coupon from 7/5 PG
- $3/$15+ CVS coupon
Total Estimate: $18.68

I've got some ECB's to use. I know I have a $10 ECB and a $4.98 ECB and some others. My total out of pocket is TBD based on Covergirl final pricing, additional Covergirl coupons, and additional ECBs I've got in my stash.

$5 ECB for Covergirl
$0.89 ECB for pantyliners
$1 ECB for Dawn
$2 ECB for H&S shampoo
$2 ECB for H&S conditioner

Newbie ideas:

Transaction #1 -
Buy 2 Head & Shoulders products ($4.99/each)
Use BOGOF coupon
Pay $4.99 OOP
Earn $4 ECBs

Transaction #2 -
$10 worth of Febreze products (2 air fresheners, $5/each)
Use $4 ECBs from transaction #1
Pay $6 OOP
Earn $5 ECBs

Transaction #3 -
CVS 22 count pantyliners ($0.89)
Buy 2 Colgate Wisp 2packs (2/$4.50)
Use $5 ECB's from transaction #2
Pay $0.39 OOP
Earn $0.89 ECB for pantyliners and $1 ECB for Wisps

If you do all 3 transactions you will pay $11.38 OOP for $25.37 worth of items. You will still leave with $1.89 ECBs to use next time.

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