Monday, May 11, 2009

Kraft Coupons and CVS

$50 in Kraft coupons

More Kraft coupons

Is it just me, or are you not impressed with the CVS deals this week? I've got some coupons and ECB's that expire on Wednesday so I need to come up with a game plan. I really prefer to buy things that will get me more ECB's for future transactions but I'm not seeing anything I need that earn ECB's back.

CVS is offering the following STEALS this week:
Buy 4 12-pack Coke products @ $13 and get 1 12-pack free. So 5 12-packs for $13. That breaks down to $0.22/can.
Edy's ice cream is buy one get one free.
So are CVS batteries.
Flavorice is on sale for $1.
And here's a major steal - Dunkin Donuts coffee is on sale for $5.99

ECB deals:
Spend $10 on Skippy, Ragu, Hellmans, or Lipton specially marked products and get $3 ECB.
Spend $15 on certain Nivea products and get $5 ECB.
Spend $15 on Eucerin and get $5 ECB.
Spend $20 on Vickery & Clarke and get $10 ECB.
Spend $30 on PreVentin-At and get $10 ECB
Buy 2 Gold Bond Products and get $3 ECB
Spend $35 on Le Roche-Posay and get $10 ECB
Get $3 ECB when you buy Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Color
Buy Crest Whitestrops and get $5 ECB.
Spend $10 on Colgate toothbrushes and get $5ECB
Buy Schick Quattro for Women and get $4 ECB.
Buy Bayer asprin quick release and get $2 ECB.
Buy Bayer Contour blood gluocose monitoring and get $5 ECB.

I've got the following to use:
$14 ECB
and $3 off purchase of $15+

So here's my scenario:
$10 worth of Colgate toothbrushes
3 jars of Ragu ($5)
2 jars of Hellmans Mayo ($6)

Price before coupons/ECBs: $21+tax
-$3 coupon
-$14 ECB
$4 out of pocket plus I earn $8 ECBs

Now I'm off to search for some Colgate, Ragu, and Hellmans coupons. If I can find those, I will get my daughter a new jug of bubbles with my savings.


  1. Nope, not impressed either. There were $1Qs for Coke products, but no more IPs left.
    There is also a Dunkin Donuts $1Q out there from an insert, and I know there are Colgate Qs for sure! Here's a $5/$25 for ya

  2. Thanks. I had the Dunkin coupon but already used it.